Roll-on tanks

KZU can also manufacture and install tanks under the “roll-on” technology for tanks with volumes of up to 10,000m3 and height up to 18 meters. With the “roll-on” method of production the assembly costs and the time for installing are greatly reduced. The “roll-on” method achieves faster time for in-factory production and on-site assembling than the standard one. This method allows prefabrication to start long before the foundations are ready, thus cutting down time, requires less people to be sent on-site and also for shorter period of time - less money for accommodation. The welds quality of the roll-on is higher, because all welds are performed in-factory and allows welding during winter and bad conditions, when the standard method requires a lot of preheating.

The advantages of this method are the following:

• Faster fabrication – half course of 12m high 5000m3 tank can be produced normally in one week

• Requires 3 weeks for complete assembling the rolls of a 5000m3 on-site, including hydrotesting

• API approved - follows all API requirements

• In-factory welding (even in cold weather, rain, etc do not affect the process)

• In-factory testing

• Controlled conditions during fabrication

• Nearly all factory welds are SMAW, performed faster

• Less time for assembly on-site, less preparation, mobilization, etc

• Less money for accommodation for team on-site, less time spent on-site

• Less NDT on-site( less wait time)

• Less people in general on-site

• EN 14015 and API 650 compliant

• The fabrication process can start long before the foundations are finished

• Better planning can be done, as the tank (rolls) can be ready and waiting for assembly on site

• Less mechanization and equipment on-site