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Our Mission is to deliver customer satisfaction through the fabrication of safe and reliable products, based on the best practices in the manufacturing and welding spheres and on our more than 45 years of experience.

KZU was founded in 1966 by the Bulgarian state with welding as core specialty. At the time the company was a part of the largest assembling organization in Bulgaria. During the years, KZU was given production sites and started producing various steel structures for all of the large petro-chemical plants in the country, as well as for international clients, thus completing hundreds of tanks and vessels and kilometers of longitudinal welded pipes.

In 1991, following the political changes in Bulgaria, the company was transformed to a private state-owned company and for the next six years due to the loss of markets, KZU Plc accumulated a large amount of liabilities to the state, workers, suppliers. This was the most difficult time for our company.

1996, was the year in which the current managing director Mr. Antony Antonov was appointed by the Minister of Regional Development and Public Works with the goal to revitalize the company, pay-off the liabilities, and privatize it.

2001 – KZU became a private joint-stock company, part of the Naftex group of companies, owner of the largest petrol storage facilities in Bulgaria. The management of the company was transformed into a two-level board system.

2005 – KZU AD shares were bought by Finex AD, but the managing director and president of the Board of Directors is still Mr. Antony Antonov.


KZU AD is a privately-held, joint stock company, founded in 1966. The company has 5 production plants, situated in Sofia, Septemvri, Burgas, Devnya, and Stara Zagora and employs more than 400 welders, fitters, workers, engineers and administrative personnel. KZU possesses various types of high scale bending, cutting, welding, drilling, forming, rolling, blasting, painting and other machines, as well as cranes and trucks used for assembly.

We have executed numerous turn-key projects for Bulgarian and foreign clients in the following areas:

• Study, design, engineering, fabrication, delivery and assembly of all kinds of welded steel structures, such as columns, towers, chimneys, bars, platforms, and etc.;

• Study, design, engineering, fabrication, delivery and assembly of all types of steel reservoirs, vertical and underground, for storage of petroleum products, water, acids, etc with volumes up to 120 000 m3, as well as destructive and non-destructive testing of the welded joints;

• Refurbishment, modernization, and repair of existing petroleum storage depots;

• Fabrication of technological and pressure hydro-, steam-, petroleum- pipes and related infrastructure for pipelines – tanks, pump stations, etc.;

• Fabrication of parts for power-, hydro-, wind-, and nuclear plants;

• Anti-corrosion treatment of all kinds of metal structures and reservoirs, as well as insulation;

• Education of welding technicians, executed in the KZU Welding Education Center. Training of welders

In the family of companies of KZU are KZU ZLMK Ltd, located in the city of Septemvri, KZU Burgas, located in the city of Burgas, right next to Lukoil Neftochim refinery, KZU Trading, and KZU Oil Engineering. These entities and their assets are 100% owned by the mother company KZU AD.

KZU is a member of the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Bulgarian Building Chamber. KZU has a specialized unit for anticorrosion treatment. The unit completes and controls the anticorrosion, heat insulation and other works on metal structures and tanks.
KZU AD is the Only Exclusive and Universal Assignee of the “KZU” Company and Trade Mark, belonging to the "old" state-founded in 1966 KZU PLC. The current company CEO is Mr. Antony Antonov

KZU is invloved in many projects that include study, design, fabrication, delivery, errection/assembly, testing and commissioning.
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